Thursday, August 7, 2014

All Things Have Their Seasons

My time in Africa is drawing to a close, I can hardly believe it! It has been a whirlwind of two and a half months. I have traveled to the bush bush of Mozambique, visited a precious family that lives above the city dump and had The Lord consistently keep surprising me with my own insecurities and resurrecting pieces of my heart that held dreams that were straight from His heart. 

Words cannot fully describe what this experience has been like for me spiritually, emotionally, mentally and even physically. I've learned what it means to live in the kingdom, to fully live in the knowledge that I trust God with everything. It's something I thought I learned, it's also something I continually need more of in my life. I've learned to live without fear, not in a reckless way and not heeding wisdom, but in such desperation for The Lord to have his glory no matter what it costs me. 

The Moravian prayer and missions movement was famous for a 100 year prayer meeting but also for sending out the most evangelical missionaries in a few decades than the Catholic Church had in all of their history. One famous story is two Moravian prayer warriors who sold themselves into slavery to share the love of Jesus to a closed island. Their legacy is not just that the entire island came to Jesus even though it's the greatest legacy of all. They are quoted in their response to the question: "Why are you doing this?" by saying:

"May the lamb who was slain receive the reward of His suffering!"

This quote has been burned into my brain for the past few weeks and continues to be the cry of my heart. If I spend my life on the backside of the wilderness or in the ghetto of a modern US city and never get a platform, I will be ok. If I lose my life then it will be to the glory of the King! It doesn't matter a thing! 

I've learned what's valuable in life. Being immersed in a culture of poverty has made me look at life in the west in a different light. Material possessions but no joy means that we are poor. If we only chase after wealth, status or miracles we will never truly obtain them. 

I'm so excited to continue this journey of growth and to continue learning how to live from the poor. I came to gain my heart for things that I'm passionate about and I ended up losing my heart to this beautiful country. And in the process I gained my heart back!



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