Thursday, May 22, 2014

Bon Voyage

I have been absent, I know! It has been a whirlwind of a time the past few months getting ready for my trip, fundraising and finishing up my college classes for the summer! 

I have been so overwhelmed in the most extreme of ways! From stressing about finals to resting in the arms of my Papa God as the miraculous events of fundraising began to completely astound my paradigms of how good He is to His kids!

I want to take s moment to thank those of you reading this who gave out of your hard work and sacrifice so that I may fulfill the dreams The Lord had placed on my heart. I have hardly felt so loved as I have these past few months as I've had the privilege to dialogue with several partners! 

The theme that has been running through my head as The Lord continued to surprise me is the line from a song: "I got a testimony 'bout Jesus... I only call on Jesus! I'm leaning on His everlasting arms!" He has blown my mind and I have heard Him giggle as though it were the funniest and most joyful experience in the world! Oh He is SO good! I met my fundraising goal thanks to the kindness of those whom I am truly valued by! What a privilege to be in their lives! 

It's amazing to reflect in this period of change of where I've come from, of where I've been in he last calendar year. A year ago I was shackled in shame and guilt, I had only a limited view of the goodness of Abba father and I was ultimately not in a place where I felt free. I was compromising and settling for things that were less that what I was created for. We generally don't realize how pressure drastically changes us and refines us until we are a few steps ahead of where we were. All pain and suffering put me in a position where I had to make the choice to stay stuck or grow and learn hard lessons. Only by the grace of God did He empower me to stick with growth and press on into the journey. 

But I tell you all this: I have never felt such grace to go low, to be humble and so prepared to sit in the figurative and literal dirt with people. Maybe in a few weeks I won't feel that and I'll get the opportunity to grow into it more, I'm not perfect! 

I leave the country for Mozambique in four days and I can't tell you how incredibly surreal that feels! The reality of leaving people and places for two months has become more than real to my poor little hard. I love adventure but I despise goodbyes, they are a wretched thing! I want to take all my favorite people with me! But in the midst of the emotional feelings, I am still incredibly sure that I am where I am supposed to be! 

A prime example is when I was preparing for a presentation on my involvement in Mozambique I was sorting through pictures of massive flooding from April of this year in the Mozambican province of Cabo Delgado where I will be staying. Let me preface my reaction to these pictures of torn apart mud huts with the statement that I'm not a crier. I know many women are and I partially envy their ability to release emotions quickly through tears. But when I was sifting through these pictures, I could not contain my emotion and I began feeling the welling up of compassion and tenderness towards these people in a place I have never been but has a stake in my heart already. I have felt a little of what The Lord feels for different people groups. Oh how He wants us to open our hearts to the emotions He has for others! 

I encourage all of you to go to: and watch the update videos from Heidi and Rolland and the pictures from the flooding in Northern Mozambique. If for no other reason than to pray for me! ;) 

It has been a beautiful thing to see The Lord preparing me for this journey when I'm too busy to realize it. It's so sweet and tender of The Lord to work without us realizing it! He makes me laugh at how sneaky and wonderful He can be! 

I am so excited for this next few months and I feel your excitement for me to go as well! Please keep checking back here for updates as I will have some but limited internet access in Mozambique! 

Praise Him for where we've been and where we're going!

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