Sunday, April 8, 2012

Photos from the Road

If a picture is worth one thousand words than I definitely have a lot to say! Take a gander at some of the lovely little moments from my pilgrimage...

                                          Athens, GA

Athens, GA

Georgia Botanical Gardens, Athens, GA

Georgia Botanical Gardens

Somewhere in South Carolina

Small town, SC

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Life from the road...

I've been living out of a suitcase for the last two weeks, sitting over 30 hours since we left Kansas city and eating enough beef jerky to feed a small country.

Life on the road is two things: Interesting and not easy. I've also learned a few things, I really don't like bumblebees and I'm starting to love alone time more and more! And, I'm really appreciating the time I had back home to practice yoga. My coffee and tea consumption has also skyrocketed to record heights. The all night drive to Orlando also took my sleeping habits and scrambled them like an egg.

And personal boundaries? What personal boundaries? The many hours in the van with black smelly bananas, combined with usually sharing a room with a host or a bed with one of my cuddly teammates! It's just like having the sisters I never had! :) Lots of late night giggling and the shared experience of sheer exhaustion.
This trip has absolutely turned my life upside down and I live in a perpetual state of not really knowing where I am and what I'm supposed to be doing. Praise God for muscle memory!
We've met some incredible people passionate about stopping human trafficking around the world and locally in their cities. We've had some wonderful sightseeing opportunities as well! (Everyone should go to Atlanta and visit "The World of Coca-Cola"it's awesome! And there's free samples!) I'll post some pictures soon!

On a serious note...

Every time I see the film "Nefarious"something inside me becomes more inspired. I recently read a tweet asking who your heros were that are alive today. My answer could have been anything, from movie stars to presidents. But I've been forever changed! My answer? "Every recovering drug addict and prostitute going through any type of treatment. They are truly the bravest of them all."

This whole experience is truly a serious self discovery journey with learning how I handle things, how I respond and ultimately what life looks like in anti-trafficking work. It's hard! The idea and the premise of a human being selling another  human being never gets easy to swallow. Sex for money is not something we can just "get used to". Or at least we shouldn't be in a culture that does accept it.
But I'm learning so much about this entire world and it's a fascinating journey.

So, here's to learning!