Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wedding Wednesday!

Weddings! Weddings! Weddings! 
I am surrounded by weddings! And I couldn't be happier! It has me dabbling onto wedding websites and thinking about all the fun you can have at a wedding! 

And that's what makes me so excited to pass on the news to y'all! One of my favourite online boutiques is debuting their wedding line in March! Twenty days to be exact! 

The Company is Ruche. Their mission? Providing indie boho gorgeous outfits to the world! 

They are truly a fantastic company! Check out their everyday items as well! Absolutely fantastic! 

There's the news for the week! So exciting! 

Monday, February 20, 2012

Tears, Fears and growing old

I've always felt like an old woman. I've always been told that I was older than I really was. And I was in a hurry to be an adult, to do the things that I felt restricted from. Today, I grew a little older.

Today I feel twice my age plus a little. And for all my trying I cannot reverse time back when "who liked who" and acne was my biggest problem.

I think back to that feeling of when high school was shiny, new and we were the big fish in the small pond. No one warned us that once we stepped out into the real world that feeling would dissipate quicker than our meager bank accounts. We go from being important and thinking we actually had something to offer the world to the smallest organism in the sea: plankton. That place where we have stopped believing in ourselves and no one else around us have any expectations to achieve. It's all running for nothing. An expectancy to fail.

We have not destinies unless we create them ourselves. It makes me think of the last two lines of the poem "Invictus" by William Ernest Henley:
"I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my own soul."
Others will try and discourage us, while crushing our efforts and success. But oh one day, they will truly rue that day, when we shall arise and take our rightful place. Not in pride, but in humility, working our way inch by inch to the very top; with no regard to those nay-sayers who tried to shut us down.

We cannot let the fear of failing leave us bound up only to die in mediocrity.

Today I grew a little older.
                             The lines on my face got a little deeper.
                                                                        The weight of heaven and hell got a little bit heavier.

A product of age.

                                                          But I dare not fall.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

A little music love!

Many of you I hope you have heard the genius that is Josh Garrels and his heavenly music.

He has absolutely incredible voice with guitar licks that will blow your mind! His creativity is aboundless!  
Currently, he is in the process of making a documentary about the power of a craft and how it is made. I am ecstatic about seeing it! Can't wait for it's release! 

Here's the trailer for the film! Check it out! And check out Josh's music! Fantastic stuff! 

See ya soon!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

And the journey begins!

Hello y’all! I have some exciting news!

That itch to travel has officially been scratched!

(drumroll please!) I am about to embark on a crazy tour across the country with Exodus Cry!

I will be apart of a team of people giving up two months of their lives to travel around the country showing the documentary “Nefarious: Merchant of Souls” and raising community awareness of the global sex trade. Churches, universities, organizations, individuals will all be hosting us recognizing the need to join the fight against human trafficking in the world.

I have begun training this past week, and will continue training for the next two months. This will require quite a bit of my time and I will be stepping down from my “prestigious” title as “intern”. Change and transition are good right?! In this case I definitely agree. I am looking forward to the future with excitement and a slight sense of the looming imminence of the magnitude of this journey.

I am looking at this next four months as the beginning of a new journey, a self-discovery and living the life of a nomad. Basically it’s everything my boho soul desires and finds exhilarating.

As I enter into this next season I ask you to keep my family, my boyfriend and myself in your hearts and prayers.

Here are a few things that need prayer:

1.     I will be searching for a new place to live because currently when I come back from the tour in May I won’t have a place to live!
2.     Being apart from my family and boyfriend will be a challenging season! Pray that the Lord will protect us all from anything that might happen to my loved ones or myself.
3.     I will be quitting my “day job” as a Gap-guru before I leave for the tour. When I return I will be searching for a job to supplement the deficit from travelling for two months.
4.     Pray we as a team are blessed with finances so we are all able to go on the tour without un-needed stress.
5.     Pray for our team to become a unit and be strong and in sync with one another so there is a level of harmony.

I am so excited for the chance to travel around the country as a vagabond with a cause.

Please join with me in my excitement and my tears for I know there will be both!