Friday, December 23, 2011

The Tree of Recycling goodness!

So here is another quick update on the Christmas tree I said I was going to make! 

I am so surprised that it turned out so well! I wasn't incredibly optimistic about the end product but here you go! 

I bought some lights and taped them to the wall since the heat from the lights might cause the trader joe's bags to combust into flames. Then I used colored construction paper and yarn to create the Charlie Brown lights and of course I had to add snowflakes! 

The recycled tree of 2011

I hope everyone is inspired to have a lovely holiday as I was! 

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 5, 2011

It is the most wonderful time...

The temperature has dropped, the stores are full of shoppers and my sweaters have gotten thicker and warmer.
Yes! It is the Christmas season!
20 days til Christmas! Whoo hoo!
The beautiful Christmas lights and cozy cups of tea like the one by my side right now make me nostalgic and want to fill my apartment with the scent of delicious cookies.
Watching White Christmas the other night inspired me to make my first Christmas not surrounded by family a darn good one!
Step one: Get in the Christmas spirit! 
With finishing the end of this eternally long semester, studying for finals and writing papers, getting in the Christmas spirit has been all too long neglected. Watching White Christmas the other night made me realize how much of a deficit I still have to make up in holiday cheer!
So, let's bring on the egg nog!
Step two: Decorate with lights!
Seeing wonderfully decorated front yards and the magical twinkle of lights all around has made me realize the lack of magic in my own little apartment! So, I shall turn on the melodious sounds of Michael Buble's "Christmas" and get to work! Now, to actually obtain lights...  
Step three: Make a Christmas tree!
I have decided that vacuuming up tree needles is not in the forecast this holiday season. Neither is storing a fake tree for a whole year. So I have decided to muster up my creative genes and be a thrifty miss and create my own tree out of the ever growing mountain of Trader Joe's paper bags under our sink.
So I have scoured the internet and have found some incredible inspiration!

This idea is absolutely incredible! Using old paperback books to create mini trees for a tabletop!

And I know this isn't a tree but I still love the handcrafted look and DIY chic wreath!

 This fabulous idea of copying an idea from one of my favorite places (Anthropologie) and making a lovely tree!

This felt ornament is absolutely beautiful! So funky and vintage!

And this fantastic idea of how to count down the days til Christmas!

Oh how I love this fantastic idea of reusing old newspapers and the gold spray paint for a fun twist!

Well, now that I am sufficiently armed with a host of ideas I can begin creating a magical bohemian Christmas!

Happy Decorating!